Second Year Anniversary

5 March 2019

This note and the start of this blog marks the second full year of development on Serin Fate - yay!
It has been a long and winding road... Filled with learning, vicious cycles, and the beginning of something beautiful!

The obstacles and requirements a game like Serin Fate would present, could not all be predicted or planned out from the beginning. There was a huge amount to be learned, which presented cycles of re-working ideas, code and TONS of art!

Fast forwarding two years -- The workflow, style, code structure, organization and mechanics have really been ironed out; it's coming a-long!


8 March 2019

The Kickstarter is in 4 days! I'm super excited, but to be honest, preparing everything has been very time consuming -- I'm equally excited to redirect focus back to development!

And with the Kickstarter, Serin Fate's pre-alpha demo is ready and public!

Download Demo v1 (Pre Alpha)


12 March 2019

Well that was stressful! Serin Fate's Kickstarter has launched -- I'm super excited to see how it does. There aren't any guarantees the campaign will succeed, but regardless, I'll do my best to continue development!

Check it out!

Serin Fate Kickstarter

25% Funded!?

13 March 2019

Wow, the Kickstarter made it passed 25% on the first day... Which is amazing!

Running the campaign and all the social media is a bit exhausting, while trying to still continue development -- I'll get the hang of it!